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Cerys Hogg

Musician Composer Educator



Cerys originally studied Fine Art, focusing on performance and time-based art. During this time she developed her skills as a musician and performer, gaining a wealth of experience as a vocalist, pianist, drummer and band leader in jazz and popular music.

She was awarded a scholarship to study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, (Post-Graduate Cert. in Jazz and Studio Music), where she developed her personal voice as an improvising vocalist as well as her harmonic language and approach to arranging and composition.

In the last five years, Cerys’ own work has become increasingly experimental and multi-disciplinary. It combines her approach to music and sound-making with her vocation as an artist.

Cerys is also one half of KOGG, a collaboration with composer Selena Kay. Their music is highly rhythmic, harmonically adventurous and sonically multi-faceted.
In 2022 KOGG were commissioned to compose new music for the Aldeburgh Festival. They performed 'Belastica' with the Ligeti Quartet.

In January 2023 KOGG were runners-up in Nonclassical's Battle of the Bands

KOGG are currently in the final stages of mixing their debut album, 'Mechanista' and developing audio-visual live performance. 

They are performing at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival on November 20th, 2023.

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Cerys is an experienced music educator of both singers and instrumentalists specialising in jazz, pop, rock and world music. She has taught in adult education, in the community and privatly for over 20 years and has a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education from the Institute of Education, University of London.  

She enjoys teaching adults from beginner to advanced level. Cerys specialises in the areas of jazz harmony and improvisation, ear-training, composition and arranging, piano, rhythm, singing and musicianship.

A respected teacher of jazz, she has taught at London’s City Lit for twenty years.  In addition, she has run practical improvisation workshops with organisations such as the South London Jazz Orchestra and work at Leeds Collage of Music.

Cerys also enjoys teaching adults who are new to playing music or are returning to music. She makes music accessible and enjoyable for all. Her sessions are fun, practical and get people playing and creatively exploring.

If you are from a classical background, Cerys will expand your musicianship, increase your repertoire and get you grooving, improvising, and exploring chord sequences in every key! 

Cerys has a reputation for delivering entertaining and engaging classes both in groups and one to one. Her classes are stimulating and enjoyable with creativity at the heart.



For twenty years Cerys has directed groovy choirs and vocal ensembles with children and adults. Groups range from conducting 250-strong choirs of secondary school children at the Royal Festival Hall to work facilitating singing groups with people in their 80’s and 90’s.

Currently Cerys directs The Kenningtones Choir based at Morley College, London, where she leads from the piano. A skilful arranger of popular music, she creates exciting, rhythmic, fresh interpretations of choice tunes including jazz, soul, disco, rock and tv and film music.

In addition Cerys works as a creative facilitator with community groups.  These include singing sessions with visually-impaired adults, older people, people with neurological conditions such as Parkinsons or work with people mental health issues.

Cerys has a knack for playing piano by ear and has a huge repertoire of songs that she can play in any key. This very useful skill is central in her work facilitating vocal groups as she can spontaneously bash out a requested tune and get a song going. Her warmth, use of humour and inclusivity create a great atmosphere which is highly conducive to getting people inspired, involved and creating great music together.

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