Cerys Hogg

Musician Composer Educator


Current courses at the  CityLit  in Covent Garden

Jazz harmony, ear training and ensembles: intermediate

This is the 2nd term of this jazz musicianship course. Practise ear training, study jazz harmony, and learn challenging repertoire. For players with established jazz education at intermediate level. New students may apply by writing to music@citylit.ac.uk

Musicianship 1: listening and reading, pitch and rhythm

Learn to name and recognise what you hear, to organise music notation, write it and read it. These live online sessions are suitable for absolute beginners, which may include students who play by ear and do not read yet.

Musicianship 2: Ear Training

If you understand time signatures and major scales in C, F and G, join this course to learn about minor scales and the bass clef, and to develop your rhythm writing and playing. 

Musicianship 2: bass clef, scales and rhythm

If you understand time signatures and major scales in C, F and G, join this course to learn about minor scales and the bass clef, and to develop your rhythm writing and playing.

Jazz Ensemble Playing

If you already play jazz and have substantial understanding of jazz harmony, come and develop your aural, harmonic and rhythmic sense through practical study of jazz standards, improvisation and transcribed solos. While we may not play as a group at this time, you will be set practical tasks and learn useful approaches to develop your playing.

Drumming 1A

Come and learn the practical skills you need to play drumkit in contemporary music, including stick technique, four-way coordination, listening and music reading. You will play acoustic and practice kits in class. Please bring your own sticks. 

Jazz vocal improvisation

Learn some approaches to improvisation over jazz tunes, what to listen for and what to study. You should already be accustomed to singing in the jazz idiom. Develop the confidence and 'know how' that will enable you to enjoy improvising. A vital supplement to the jazz singing courses. 

One to one lessons, small groups and workshops

One to one lessons, small groups and workshops

Learn musicianship, piano, jazz singing, improvisation on all instruments, harmony, ear-training, music theory or develop your composition and arranging. Beginners to advanced level. Get in touch to discuss what you are looking for.

All lessons are online at the moment. Contact Cerys for more information


"I’ve been getting back into music after a very long break, and my sessions with Cerys have been crucial to this process. She’s given me firm guidance, but also the freedom to experiment, and the confidence to try things out and not feel foolish.
She has – literally – helped me find my voice. I’ve always been aware that Cerys operates within several worlds of musical experience, but when teaching, she is open, receptive, and really tunes into you – yes YOU!
So – expect the unexpected –and for sure you’ll have fun – but you’ll also become a much, much better musician. Cerys - thank you - and onwards!" 

The course is well presented and a great introduction to matching theory and practice. It teaches the active listening of chords, triads and harmonies. Provides a good basis for learning more
Musicianship Student

The teaching was spot-on, encouraging, passionate & developed a great rapport with students through a sense of humour.

Musicianship Student

A great course with an excellent teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and learned a lot.

Musicianship Student

I have attended Cerys’ jazz woodshedding and general jazz classes for many years.

Her choice of material and teaching style makes the learning process relaxed and fun, appealing to both the ear player and the theoretician.

I always take something new away with me to try out in my own playing.

Julia Austin-Brenes